If you want to be surrounded by Mother Nature of Gangwon-do, you must visit here with V-train !

If you want to be surrounded by Mother Nature of Gangwon-do, you must visit here with V-train !

Gangwon-do, which all Koreans love and located in the east of Seoul, is all proud of the clean air and beautiful natural scenery. However, it would be an accurate expression to interpret the fact that clean air, if expressed otherwise, implies that traffic is inconvenient. It took a long distance by train from Seoul.  We chose to Cheoram station as the starting point to ride the V-train starting from Cheoram station or Buncheon station. Going far to get on that V-train? Sure, it was. You will find out, if you have an experience, it is worthy.
 Travel tips;
Most Koreans choose packages offered by day trips or two-day trips, which also visit nearby sightseeing spots because it would be very tight if someone tries to do it all in one day using public transportation in personal. This place is in a quiet far remote place from Seoul, and there is not much public transportation. This is a very popular train trip to Koreans, so there are many travel agencies in Korea that deal with these packages, but most of them are shown in Korean only, so it seems that there are many difficulties to be explained in English. For more information, visit Korailtour.com or call 1544-4590/ send email. 
Cheoram is a coal mine area that was great in the past 1940s and 1960s. Now it ends its use. Coal mine history village near the station shows the story of that time, I could also enjoy a part of the old coal mine town on a passing train. This tourist train is always popular and mostly fully booked, we chose weekday tourist train so we did not have a lot of difficulties to make a reservation, but on weekends the train will be sold out as soon as it was opened a month before the reservation as I heard. It is recommended to use weekdays. We did not want to miss the autumn foliage, so we made a reservation nearly a month ago.

The train has only three carriages and the interior is decorated with retro style and it consists of a total of 158 seats, which is a main factor that is not able to supply the fulfill those needs. It runs only 2 times a day on the weekday and 3 times a day on the weekend per each direction. The locomotives dragging the three carriages is drawn tiger stripe on a white background, nicknamed the "baby white tiger train." Once upon a time, the lots of tigers lived this rugged mountain that they had expressed the concept on the train. In summer, a fan is a substitute for air conditioner. In winter, stove using with charcoal for firewood is used to warm inside carriage as the heater for heating equipment. It is a scenery that is difficult to see these days. It is fully analogue system. It is made of glass on three sides except the roof, so we could drink fresh air through opened window from the beginning to the end and it was possible to also adjust the height of the windows. There were luminescent stickers on the ceiling, all the people sang along and yelled out a cheer just like to be in the club thanks to its' sparkling stickers together with some exciting popular song when on passing several tunnels.
It did not take so long time till to admire the spectacular scenic views spread out along the remote mountainous valley train runs. The whole mountain wearing in yellow and red color greeted me. I was so happy for my luck to see the wonderful leaves at one time that I could appreciate for a lifetime. Because of the air that is quite much fresher from the city, the color of the fall foliage looked more transparent than one of the city. According to the friend who boarded it before, the azalea filled the whole mountains in spring, and the mountains covered with white snow in winter shows upscale view like Oriental painting different from those in the city. The best choice of this train trip is said to be used in winter. The V-train run between Cheoram and Bucheon which is the narrow gorges where steep cliffs and rocky mountains are in Gangwon-do and brought me to a difficult place to get to if it is not a train. The section is 28 kilometers long, 30 kilometers per hour, so you can enjoy panoramic view of about an hour.
We got off the train two times at Shengbu Station and Yangnuan Station. In these slow-moving tiny stations, people moved slowly and a little old-fashioned vibe enough to invoke nostalgia. We took photos and bought local products and food even though for a short stopover time and took it to the car and enjoyed it. The Yangwon station, which was the smallest train station in Korea, was so small that you’re not able to recognize it unless you look closely. The cosmos blooms next to the railroad added a taste of fall. One bright yellow ginkgo tree beside the railroad seemed like to be writing the story of the fall. The destination station, Buncheon station, has set up sisterhood relationship with Zermatt station in Switzerland. It is a heavy snowy area in the winter, so they set up Santa village and greeted travelers with diverse event during winter season. We met Santa Claus and deer in the fall.

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나를 행복하게 해준 고창여행

나를 행복하게 해준 고창여행

안양에서 전라도 방향으로 차를 가지고 여행을 하는 길은 생각보다 멀다. 이런 저런 이유로 자주 가지 못한다.  맛있는 전라도의 음식이 항상 나를 행복하게 해 줌에도...
큰 맘 먹고 길은 나선 고창근처의 여행을 같이 즐겨주셨으면 고맙겠습니다.

여행일은 2017 8 16/17일이었습니다.  

일정은 선운사>미당 문학관>고창 학원농장>고창 읍성>판소리 박물관>고창 전통시장.

부안에서 이것저것 구경하고 다음날 선운사를 이른 아침에 산책하고 싶어 선운사 가까운 곳에 숙소를 잡고 이동했다. 내가 사는 안양은 기온이 확 떨어져 선선하다는데, 여름내내 폭염에 시달리고 간만에 길을 나섰는데 하필이면 폭염주의보가 이곳에….

항상 길을 떠나기 전에는 시간 절약을 위해 최대한 동선을 확인하는데, 내가 제일 어려운 부분은 식사할 곳을 찾는 것이다. 블로그에 올려진 식당에 가서 성공한 경험이 적이 별로 없어서 그냥 무작정 가서 현지인에게 물어보거나, 주차장에 차가 제법 있거나, 그도 마땅치 않으면 행운을 바랄 밖에.
해가 뉘엿하니 절근처에는 밥집이 없을 듯하여 숙소에 거의 다가서 식당을 찾는다
대략 스캐닝 한 바로는 장어요리가 유명하다는 데
나는 이런 종류는 일년에 한번도 먹을 둥 말 둥. 아마도 다른 메뉴도 있을 거라는 짝쿵의 말에 일단 들어가 보았더니, , 이런 ! 메뉴라곤 장어요리밖에 없다
다시 돌아 나가기엔 배도 고프고 그 사이에 해도 져서 밖이 제법 어둡다. 게다가 가격이 사악하다. 일인분에 자연산 장어는 35천원, 양식은 25천원(?) 이라니에구 에구. 잘 먹지도 않고, 좋아 하지도 않는 요리를, 게다가 가격은 비싸고난감하다. 어쩔 수 없다
자연산과 양식 장어의 차이를 물어본 후, 눈 질끈 감고 자연산으로 주문했다. 말씀이 장어를 일단 갯벌에서 어느정도 키우다 양식장에 옮기면 양식장어, 갯벌에서 계속 키우면 자연산으로 분류한단다. 일단 먹을 거면 제대로 먹어보는게 우리의 원칙. 걱정과는 달리 비리지 않고 먹을 만하다. 음식이 오면 일단 먹어야 하는 성격이라 음식사진은 없고 다 먹고 일어서는데 옛날 한복에 양산을 쓰고있는 사진이 벽에 있어 사진을 찍고 보니 이분이 이 식당의 창시자라고 설명이 되어있다. 오래된 식당은 다 나름의 이유가 있는 듯 하다. 덕분에 잘 먹고 갑니다.
그런데 진짜 재미있는 일은 선운사 입구 호텔에서 차를 대고 보니 온통 관광객 상대하는 식당들이 포진하고 있었다는 사실. 거기다 편의점도 있음. (9시까지 하는 듯,9시 넘어 다시 가보니 불은 꺼지고 잠겨있었음) 편의점 옆에 위치한 버스 정류소의 길다란 대기용 나무의자가 한번쯤은 앉아보고 싶을 정도로 이쁘고 편안하게 생겼다.
산속의 숙소는 밤이 좋다. 해변의 그 것과 다르게 에어컨을 켜지않고 잘 수 있을 정도로 시원하다는 사실. 그리고 벌레우는 소리는 더욱 그러하다. 잠도 일찍 깨고, 간밤에 비가 와서 저 멀리 산들이 겹쳐진 사이로 구름이 켜켜이 산수화를 그려낸다. 갑자기 산속의 도인같은 기분 ㅋㅋ. 
조식이 8시부터 제공된다고 하여, 식사전에 일찌감치 선운사 산책을 나섰다. 십분 정도 걸으니 매표소가 있다. 이렇게 이른 시간에, 설마 입장료를? '야, 이른 아침이라 공짜로 입장할 수 있겠다." 속으로 기쁜 마음에 콧노래가 절로 난다.  아니 그런데 저기 저분은? 웬 걸, 멀리서 우리가 걸어오는 걸 보시고는 잽싸게 매표소 안으로 들어가셔서 징수하신다. 띠용! 꿈은 사라지고...

일주문을 지나니 우거진 나무터널 사이로 나무향이 짙게 느껴진다. 밤새 비가 온 것도 한 몫 한 듯. 절 마당의 화사한 배롱나무가 나를 반긴다. 이번 남쪽 지방 여행에서 나를 가장 행복하게 해준 것이 배롱나무이다. 서울 쪽에는 잘 볼 수 없는 이 나무는 길가에선 가로수 대신, 농가에서도, 한적한 산길에선 불쑥불쑥 출현한다. 어여쁜 처녀의 진분홍 한복치마를 연상시키는 해사롭고, 화사한 자태에 나는 감탄사만 연발했다.     

호텔 체크아웃을 하고, 일찌감치 차로 십분 거리의 미당 문학관을 들렀다. 사실 크게 무엇을 기대한 방문이라기 보다는 숙소와 너무도 가까운 거리여서 지나칠 수가 없었다. 소박하기 이를 데 없다. 지금은 문학관이 된, 옛날에 그가 다녔다는 작은 학교 건물과 작은 운동장이 전부이다. 들어가는 대문 같은 입구가 사실은 남녀화장실이 양쪽에 있고 그 둘을 연결하는 시멘트지붕위를 짙푸른 나뭇잎이 빽빽이 덮고있어 입구가 상당히 운치있어 보인다는 사실이다.  하지만 문학관을 둘러보면 그 느낌은 결코 작지 않다. 친필 시들, 살아온 행적에 대한 그의 솔직한 독백을 보며, 역사의 소용돌이 속에 살아내야 했던 지식인의 고뇌가 느껴진다.

건물을 나와 그의 생가로 향한다. 걸어서 5분거리에 작은 다리로 연결되어 있다. 대 시인의 생가라 하기엔 말끔한 초가집이 생경하고 도리어 거리감이 느껴진다. 차라리 걸어가는 짧은 시골 골목에서 잘 자라고있는 탐스런 방울토마토와 채소들이 더 친근하게 느껴진다. 애써 시인의 흔적을 느끼고 싶어 쓰여진 시를 읽고 또 읽어본다. 이야기 능력이 뛰어나신 할머니에게 많은 옛날 얘기를 들으면서 컸다고 하는데, 어머니가 언급된 시를 보니 어머니와도 각별한 사이였던 듯 하다. 다음에도 이곳 문학관을 방문할 의향이 있냐고 내게 물어본다면? 물론이다. 당연히 올 것이다. 작은 공간이지만 그 무게는 가볍지 않다. 먼 훗날 다시 방문했을 땐 좀 더 나아져 있길 바래본다.
고창 학원 농장은 청보리밭으로 유명한데, 여름엔 해바라기농장으로 변신한다고 하여 네비게이션을 찍고 찾아갔다. 유독 붉은 황토가 충실한 밭이 펼쳐져 있어 가는 내내 나의 시선을 끈다. 고창은 복분자, 수박 산지로 유명하다. 아마도 훌륭한 토질덕이 아닐까 한다. 역시나 고창 청보리밭이라 써 있고 여름이라 해바라기밭이 펼쳐져 있다.

여기저기 꽃사이에서 사진을 찍고 있자니, 기대했던 것보다는 심심하다고 생각이 들었다. 한참을 애써 달려온 곳이 단지 꽃밭이라니살짝 김 빠지려는데, 짝쿵 가라사대, 이 넓은 곳을 이정도 가꾸려면 일 개인의 힘으로는 될 수 없고, 아마도 이 곳 농민공동체의 노력이 있어야만 이만한 규모를 이룰 수 있다고 힘줘 말하는 것을 들어보니 갑자기 해바라기밭이 훨씬 넓어보인다. , 그리고 이곳에서 드라마 도깨비의 메밀밭 장면을 촬영했다고 한다. 곧 메밀꽃 피는 가을이 오면 사람들이 더 많이 몰려오겠지.

학원농장에서 고창읍성까지는 20~30분 정도 달려 가야한다. 읍성 주차장에 차를 대고 읍성에 들어섰다. 날씨가 더워도 너무 덥다. 성을 한바퀴 돌 엄두가 나지않아 앞부분만 조금 걷다가 다시 내려왔다. 해마다 가을이면 머리에 돌을 이고 성을 한바퀴 도는 답성놀이가 재현되는 축제행사가 벌어진다고 한다. 성을 도는 입구에는 한바퀴 돌면 다리병이 낫고, 두바퀴는 무병장수, 세바퀴는 극락에 간다고 안내 팻말이 있다. 유난스레 검고, 세련되게 깍아서 다듬은 형태가 아니라 일반 돌들을 쌓은 형태라 민초의 역사가 더욱 깊게 느껴진다
매표소와 붙어있는 곳에는 판소리박물관과 신재효고택이 재현되어있다. 박물관을 들어서니 쩌렁쩌렁한 판소리가 나를 잡아끈다. 일반 텔레비전에서나 접하던 판소리를 직접대하고 보니 온갖 감정을 표현한 소리가 실로 경이롭다. 아니, 이렇게 힘든 판소리를 어찌 끝까지 부를 수 있단 말인지. 대단한 능력이다. 실내엔 신재효와 판소리에 관련한 인물들과 각종 자료가 잘 분류되어 있다. 개중에는 익숙한 인물들도 보인다.

신재효(1812~1884)는 철종과 고종시대의 사람으로, 판소리를 적극 후원함과 동시에 이론적으로도 심도 높게 연구해 판소리 여섯 마당(춘향가,심청가,흥부가,별주부전,적벽가,변강쇠가)를 완성했다. 현재 우리가 접하는 판소리의 서민적인 해학성과 사실성은 그에게 힘입은 바가 크다고 한다. 관람하는 내내 판소리를 감상하게 되었는데, 역설적으로 높은 예술성에 비해 배우기 힘든 음악의 형태라서 일단 전수받는 예술인이 적고, 많은 대중이 쉽게 즐기지 못하는 것이 아닐까 하는 추측으로 안타까움이 들었다. 고창 읍성을 방문하게 되면 이곳도 꼭 방문해 보시라고 권하고 싶다
판소리박물관을 보고 나오는데, 매표소 옆에 고창전통시장 가는 길 400미터앞이라고 안내표지가 있다. 혹시나 적당한 식당이 있을 까 싶어 가보기로 했는데, 중간쯤 가다보니 안내 팻말도 없고 어디로 가야 할지 몰라 망설이는데, 표지석처럼 길쭉한 돌이 서있는 길을 만나서 길을 건너 무작정 앞으로 걸어가니 저 멀리 시장입구가 보인다.
한바퀴 돌아보니 특별한 건 없고, 그나마 나를 만족 시켜준 것은 시장안 중간 좌판에서 산 국수이다. 30대의 젊은 아줌마가 인상도 좋고, 양도 많고, 색깔도 이쁘다. 뽕잎국수, 백련초국수, 메밀국수 세개를 만원에 샀는데 집에 와서 요리해보니 맛이 훌륭하다. 뽕잎국수는 색깔이 예쁜 녹색이라 콩국수에 잘 어울릴 것 같고, 국수가 동그랗지 않고 네모나다. 고수의 필이 느껴진다. 여행가면 항상 그 곳을 기념할 만한 것을 사오는데 이번 고창에선 국수의 행운을 가져왔다. 아마도 이 국수를 다 먹을 때까지 고창의 추억을 얘기하게 되겠지

마땅한 식당을 시장안에서 찾지 못하고 주차장으로 돌아가는 데, 작은 중국집인데 서리태 콩국수개시라고 써 붙여놓았다. 중국집인데 콩국수? 일단 덥고, 점심을 해결하려고 들어갔다. 정갈해 보이고, 여러 테이블에 손님이 있어 일단 반은 성공한 듯 하다. 음식이 나오기를 기다리는 동안 고창 현지인들이 계속 들어왔다
재미있는 사실은 가게가 아주 큰 편이 아니라서 식사 중 말을 하면 다 들리는 공간인 데, 이곳 고창 사람들의 목소리는 묵직하고 아주 깊은 통에서 소리가 올라오는 듯 힘이 있다. 깊이있고 진중한 통뼈 목소리라고나 할까. 운전하다 보니 동학운동의 발원지라는 표지판을 여러 군데서 접했는데, 발원지가 된 이유가 다 이런 것과 연관이 있지 않을까 추측해본다
놀라운 반전이다. 주문한 콩국수가 기대이상이다. 별 다섯 개 만점을 줘도 될 정도이다. 재료의 충실함과 풍부함이 맛집으로 추천하고 여러 사람에게 알리고 싶다. 근데 아쉽게도 가게이름이 정확히 기억 나지 않는다. 에구, 항상 먹는 데만 급급해서리글구, 배부르면 마냥 행복해져서 아무것도 눈에 들어오지 않는다. 신랑 말이 백짬뽕이었던것 같다고 하는데… 

어쨌거나 고창에 대한 개인적인 느낌은 여유 있으면서도, 순박하고 깊이 있는 힘을 느끼게 해주는 편안한 곳이었다. 꼭 다시 가보고 싶은 곳이다.  나는 고창이 무지 좋아졌다.   

Cartier's Contemporary Art Foundation's collection – Highlight - 2017 in Seoul Museum of Art next to Deoksugung Palace, Korea

Cartier's Contemporary Art Foundation's collection – Highlight - 2017 in Seoul Museum of Art next to Deoksugung Palace, Korea

The way to the Seoul Museum of Art to walk along the stone wall of the Palace, as for me, is always throb with a feeling of being quite different from going to another museum.
The stonewall path of old Deoksugung Palace (덕수궁), one of the Five Grand palaces, located next to the city hall and familiar with Korean, on the way to the museum gives a different feeling throughout the four seasons all year round and is beautiful in itself. The shade of trees made by the fresh green seasons, the feeling that when it rains and go this pathway under umbrella, even the raindrops in this place seem to be something different with other places, the stunning colored leaves in the fall, the tiles of the palace covered the white snow in the winter, all of this dazzle the way to the museum. I read an article about the opening of the Cartier collection in the newspaper and visit the museum in the Sunday afternoon.

On the way to the museum, as usual, people was making their beautiful memories while taking pictures in front of stone wall as the background. It made me feel better to see the scene. Fresh performances by Buskers on weekends lead the way to the museum more romantic combination. But to be wonder, I don't know why there is a popular myth handed down for a long time that if you walk on this stonewall walkway with lover, you will surely break up. Of course, many lovers were walking this way when I visited as if they didn’t mind what it does.
Large roses were welcome me at the museum entrance. It’s the artwork with the name ”Rosy Life( La Vie en Rose)". This bold, huge rose bouquet made of FRP (Fiber reinforced plastics) material always welcomes me as usual like an old friend. I breathed in the utmost the air of museum as sat on a stone chair, as always, before entering the museum. The name of this stone chairs art is 'communication'.

I had a feeling that it was very familiar to me and comfortable each time whenever I visited. While searching for museum information to write this blog, I realized that this is also an artwork.
As I looked at the right side of the entrance door, a knight in a shiny silver armor was situated above eye level. I thought there was some consistency in artworks because the company supports this art foundation is doing business related to jewelry, so I was slightly worried for a moment that other works might have the same tendency. However, it was my perfect groundless anxiety. I lined up a line to join and it didn't take a long time to enter. It was able to appreciate for me it comfortably during the time because the staffs adjust the number of audience at a distance of time. I am not an expert in art, so I don’t like to see lots of artwork in a short time. To be sorry for the artists but I am just ordinary person who I am impressed at first, however as I go backwards, I become dull. So, I prefer the exhibition style not the dense exhibition form but a little far away spacing arrangement. In that sense, this exhibition gave me very comfortable moving line. Nevertheless, the level of the exhibits was so great and valuable that I continued to fill my curiosity with diverse art world.
"In BED"  by Ron Mueck

Oh, my. Awesome. He was lying in bed and looking at me so naturally. So, I was standing while facing each other for a long time without spirit.
What his eyes say is ....
I read in the newspaper that the foundation would just support the artists but not interfere with the works of them. It seemed like that they are trying to take the high road. Well, how lucky we are to see these works for free! In addition, there was no limit for visitors to take a photo so they are inclined to take pictures from various angles.

It was a great day for the art museum outing in a long time. I'd like to recommend not to miss this wonderful art world. It is now your turn for what you will see and feel. Be there and breathe in the air of art, please.

Cartier's Contemporary Art Foundation's collection <Highlight>
In where: At the Seoul Museum of Art(SeMA, 서울시립미술관) 1-3F, 
Duration: May 30 ~August 15, 2017. Monday off
How to get: Seoul city hall station (Subway line 1 or line 2) exit#2
.           .    Walk along the Duksugung Palace(덕수궁) stonewall walkway 
.           .    in 5~10 minutes.
Admission fee: Free

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How much do you know about Cheonggyecheon stream(청계천) in the heart of Seoul? you can see it as much as you know!

How much do you know about Cheonggyecheon stream(청계천) in the heart of Seoul? you can see it as much as you know!

Seoul is a quite complex and bustling city even for Koreans. Nevertheless, this city, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty for over the past 600 years, must be giant treasure box of oriental culture of Korea. It is our great pleasure to have such a wonderful culture near our everyday life. As located in the heart of Seoul, it allows many people to relax and have good memories. It is a harmonized place that is loved not only by foreigners visiting Korea but also by Koreans, with its bridges built by ancestors and various structures created in modern times in company with the nature.
Cheonggyecheon(청계천) is well known as a representative attraction to Koreans and foreigners must to visit. Even if it is so, if you don't know about its' real value in the historical meaning, you could miss the some appreciation. You may be considered this is just as a natural oasis in the urban that simply let you feel nature in the city, but not more than that. When seeing for a brief description of this stream, In the north of this stream it was formed with main palaces, major governmental organs and residential area for the upscale, and in the south of it the common people lived mainly. There were several bridges along this stream and markets for trading various types of goods along the stream was formed. As a fact it could be mention that it was a kind of boundary zone between the rich and ordinary people during the last 500 years of Joseon dynasty. Throughout the fall of the dynasty and the modern, contemporary this stream, which has a total length of 10 km from east to west in Seoul, was covered with concrete, created road, overpasses installed here from the 1950s and concentrated many shops dealing with a wide range of items. 
The new business hub street beside stream
  Following the industrialization after Korean War, this zone was typical congested area like parking lot till night as well as very complicated area last 50 years. It's been only a little over a decade since it has been restored to its present status after many controversies and returned again to the bosom of citizen. Thanks to effort of environmental restoration, people could have a green resting oasis. The old buildings on both sides of the stream were cleaned up and born again ad new buildings were added along the stream. It results in the value of real estate has increased by the creation of a new business hub mainly dealing with international finance and cutting-edge information. Now, this place with the cutting edge, past and nature ha become one of the famous attractive spots.
Make a wish in here so called ‘Trevi Fountain’ in the style of Korea.
This usually begins with a walk from Cheonggye Square. Walk down the stairs in the square and you can see people throwing coins into a small space(Wishing Well) in the middle of the stream. Wishing Well is commonly known as the nickname "Trevi Fountain in Korea" will take you back to Seoul again in the future. Don't hesitate to add your warm heart and make a nice memory by throwing the coin, it was written besides that all proceeds will be given to the poor youth. 
The first bridge that meets from the square was a market sold mostly fresh fruits and vegetables in the past dynasty. In the old days when there was no public place to deserve, this place did a big role as an important living cultural space for the common people. It was not a mean merely of passage over a stream, but a part of daily life to rest, to meet, and to gather up. 
The Gwangtong Bridge

Among them, Gwangtong Bridge(광통교) is the most beautiful and beloved one by the people, various events were held in here during the traditional premier holiday in old days, and it is still a popular place as a romantic meeting backdrop for loving youth in historical drama. If you look carefully at the stone pillars and the beautiful oriental relief stone walls on both sides, you can find the part lying upside down. The stone walls here were originally part of the tomb of second queen of the first king who founded the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). The beautifully carved stone plates moved here to build the walls and let it to be intentionally placed upside down in the process of building bridge to give that queen insult by the third king, Taejong who is a son of the first wife of the first king. The second queen tried to raise her son to the throne. With this reason, the two didn't get along well, eventually her son died by him and he became the third king. Anyway, whatever his initial intention was, what If he sees present what it has become the most beloved bridge, I wonder, what he'd like to say.... If you find the part of upside down, I'll respect you as a person of good sense. 
The horse carrying King Jeongjo. In accordance with conventions, the King is not actually depicted in the painting but has been left blank.

And another attractive spot you can come across when you walk along the stream is the replica of the king Jeongjo's parade on over 5,000 tiles. King Jeongjo, who made various attempts to reform and improve the nation and one of the most successful and visionary rulers of the Joseon Dynasty in the culture and economy, let public artists drew pictures about the great eight-day parade to visit his father's tomb to honor him with his mother at 60-year-old mother's birthday. The social atmosphere at that time could be seen well even in paintings in which the expressions of humorous facial look and leisurely procession are well portrayed. Speaking briefly about his tragic royal family history, his father in the position of the crown prince until he died was a victim of political strife and was fit to die of starvation in the rice chest by his father. It furnishes a good theme for many historical dramas and movies till now. 
Exhibition zone 

The Cheonggyecheon stream is a place that has been loved by all citizens for the past, now and will be in future. It is a cultural space that can enjoy many Busking and various performances on weekends especially. When I visited on weekend, the soap bubble show lasted about 30 minutes, but the time passed so quickly with funny jokes and great shows. His popularity was especially great for children. A cup of coffee in the cafe next to the stream was another pleasure for me. Take a moment to spare. Please go back at the appropriate point and give your legs time to rest because it’s a long path to walk to the last. 
This lady who was playing instrument and singing clearly showed me 'what is the amateur'. She made me laugh by some of mistakes. It doesn't matter how great her playing skills is. The most important thing might be how each one lives happily. By the way, does anybody know the name of instrument she’s playing?

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