The Buam-dong alley(부암동) where wish to stroll, Seoul

If you want to take the old memory box out of your mind…
If you are the person who knows the value of small…
 Yes, maybe this is the right place you are able to get something.

Despite of the location in bustling Seoul, time in this small village seems like to be hold on in 1980s. Time at here goes slow by half beat pace than as others. The name of
 ‘Buam-dong(부암동)’ was derived from the big holy rock which was two meters tall, not present at this time in this village. There was a legend that people could have a sun when they rubbed the stone on this rock surface as much as their age and leave their hand, then at a same time the stone stuck to it. It means that they could get a sun luckily. This village is located in the west foot area of the Bugaksan mountain(북악산) near the Blue House, the official residence of the President of South Korea and also at the foot of Inwangwan(인왕산). This has been a Limited Development District so long time due to neighboring the Blue House for president. Ironically thanks to this reason, here becomes the unique village having nostalgia for past. What’s more, by the effort of many artists, this area has filled with various museums, traditional craft shops, historical heritage, cafes and bakery and so on. This is small one. It did not take too much time to stroll this beautiful and tiny attractions. You can take a rest at the tiny cafes here and there hidden in the alley.
The Mugyewon(무계원)

This Hanok, Korean traditional house,was built by reusing the materials of Ojinam Korean traditional commercial restaurant which was demolished in 2010 and opened in Mar 2014. The main building materials of Hanok(한옥) are wood, stone and soil. Hanok was constructed in accordance with the method such as building blocks of Lego when connect wood to wood instead of using nail. So it is possible to build other similar kinds of building by using again with former frame.
Garden of Mugyewon
The particular feature of traditional house is in the formation of its garden. In case of Korea, they do decorate trees and flowers along the wall but planting on the center in the garden. In the past people did pursue simplicity in gardening. They only enjoyed the far away scenery which could be seen from their yard, not owned it like seen photo. This site has a history that Prince Anpyeong, very intellect and talent prince of painter, scholar, musician and calligrapher in his time, dreamed the beautiful peach garden and found out this place seemed just the like the place where he saw in his dream. He let the famous painter AnGyeon paint a picture ‘The Peach Blossom Spring Land’ and built the pavilion in this point. This name was named after the pavilion’s name stated in here at that time. He was the prince in the early Joseon dynasty when everything was unstable. Maybe it was not comfortable for him to live as a royal family without authority. I guessed that the dream was maybe the reflection of his earnest wish for peaceful real world. My heart went out to him.

**Monday off, admission fee is free, tel 02-379-7131-2

 This space was reborn into the place of cultural center loved by the people. Several events and educational programs have been held such as experience of traditional tea, the humanistic education about Joseon Dynasty for citizens and visitor. I could hardly feel the age-long antique but I do not doubt that it would be someday.
The Chopsticks Gallery, Jeo Jip(저집)
The small gallery with white roof greets me at first because the position is on the low ground. You can reach out by crossing the crosswalk from the official resident center(부암동 주민센타) on foot.
This gallery was opened in 2013 by CEO Park to let all the people know the arts and Korean traditional culture of chopsticks. Various chopsticks in their color and shape are shown on the small dining table.
Chapsticks inlaid with mother-of-pearl
Something was inlaid with mother-of-pearl in its ends. Something was varnished with Chinese lacquer. It shows not glossy but soft elegant beauty. It is well known already by its functional superiority. It promotes to exercise the brain development. To many Korean, it was just a mere tool to eat the meal. In fact we are using the chopstick made of metal instead of wood in general. However it was pretty good to me to see another attempt. I would like to give it up for CEO Park who showed us new paradigm shift about chopsticks tel 02-3417-0119(11am~7pm)
Let's try to move the soy by using chopsticks
 Buam-dong seemed to be somewhat like dopy and battered an old car. However maybe that’s the real charming point of this place like old clock. Many master lived this village because it is next to Grand palace and supplied the their remarkable craftwork to the palace. This was the famous zone for outstanding handicraft workshops since previous dynasty To buy the only one thing in the world at these kinds of workshop is additional pleasure to me. What did I buy? I bought nice, wonderful handbag at the leather shop ‘BLUE LIM’ located on the opposite site of the official resident center. You won’t be disappointed.  
Buam-dong street
How to get there
Gyeongbokgung station(Seoul subway line3 , exit #3) >> walk 150meters>>take Public light bus(마을버스)  no 1020, no 7022, no 7212( 6stops,takes 12 minutes) >>take off Buam-dong official resident center (부암동 주민센터)

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