Common Ground, Pop-Up container Mall in Seoul, New Attempt to the pioneering spirit

I stopped by a unique building that has been received spotlight as soon as they opened it thanks to the creative appearance. I met a fresh and unique shopping mall that is piled up with blue jagged containers reminiscent of jeans when I walked out of exit 6 of subway station. How great that who had an idea to make this building with lots of containers.  A fresh shock was coming.

Inside, the black piping of the ceiling was boldly exposed, and the black steel pillars and handrails were compartmentalized so that the products of each shop seemed to be more sophisticated and easy to focus. The goods kept whispering to take them away while watching the store. Prices were generally cheaper than department stores and seemed more expensive than neighborhood stores. 

I saw whimsical goods and unique and full of ideas products. I suddenly felt that my soul became to be free by the rebellious spirit in the twenties. We must go to this place.
The shopping mall was arranged on both sides of the square in the middle. There were several food trucks in the square. As I heard, on weekends, they use to perform flea market and various performances. I have seen this place in a music video of a famous girl group (SISTA) before.

On the roofs of both buildings there were properly placed with already well-known restaurants, cafes and not well-known but has own good reputation restaurants and cafes.
It is said that here was originally a taxi garage and a fashion company entered into an agreement with Ward Office and started to operate in the form of fashion, food and beverage, and complex cultural space from April 2015 for eight years. Young start-up designers and dealers were offered a cheap fee and a small deposit when they opened their shops. So, thanks to that, there are lots of ingenious and excellent quality products of mid and low-end brand shops for 20s. The content was as full of pioneering spirit as appearance.

In fact, this region was such and such a stagnant and uncharacteristic area, but with the addition of large department stores and shopping malls as well as the advantage of being neighboring the college street, this region has been loved rapidly. This place adds value to the region. I hoped that fresh attempts would produce good results.

How to get there; Take off the Konkuk university station (건대입구역 Seoul Subway line2 or line7) >> exit #6 >> walk 400 meters.

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