Walking in the moonlight at Suwon Hwaseong(수원화성 달빛동행) in Suwon, South Korea

I’ve been waited the romantic spring walking in the moonlight along the fortress in Suwon for last few weeks.
The night was so mild enough to feel the flavor of spring night. It was the first time for me to join at this kind of special program. I stuck to the computer on the on-line application time and got a fortune to join this lovely moonlight date with family.

This program operates by the Suwon Cultural Foundation on the around 15th (Full moon day on lunar calendar) day of from May to October annually. It started from the entrance gate of Hwaseong Hanenggung temporary palace(화성행궁) and looked around inside of it, rode the Hwaseong Trolley to the Janganmun gate(North gate of fortress), walked along the fortress and backed to the palace again to see the Traditional performance inside the palace. The whole course takes around two hours.
Visitors were hanging the Korean traditional lantern offered by this program
We received the Korean traditional Lantern (Cheonsachorong) for lightening up the road along the fortress and palace at the Sinpungnu(the main gate of palace, starting point). Thanks to this generous and curious commentator, we got very useful and detail explanation all the two hours round. He was just fit to manage in this program and very interesting man. He was eager to give a full explanation to us. I lost my heart totally in this fascinating place and was hard not to admire at the gorgeous views of the palace.
Palace and the Full Moon in the sky
On the way to the riding Hwaseong Trolley on the back hill side in this palace, there was a surprising performance which a lady singer and a man playing the Korea traditional pipe played for us. What the soft elegant sound at the calm and dark night  it was!!! It was beyond description.
Performance for elegant Korean traditional music
Hwaseong Trolley
It was difficult for me to take a picture due to on boarding of the running trolley. However I admired at the Suwon citizen to listen the explanation of commentator that Suwon citizens have endure many inconveniences and sacrifices to maintain good condition of this heritage because many citizen actually live in and out area of it. I felt the best part of this one must be the walking along the wall between The Janganmun gate(장안문;north gate) and The Banghwasuryujeong(방화수류정 ;command post, national treasure). It was time travel to the past. And it did not end just there.

The Jangmun gate(north gate)
Citizens are strolling at night along the fortress

Hwahongmun stone bridge
The performances waited us inside the palace.
I didn’t know the reason why I felt very hard going sad feeling as when I saw the dancing show performed by this man. After hearing the explanation of MC, I understood what it was exactly and admired his wonderful performance again. As I heard, he expressed the frailty of human life as a man-about-town. It was precious affection which would like to feel again with my family. Ah ! I didn't leave the palace ,,,…Highly recommend…
The Sinpungnu( the main gate of palace)

 I wrote about this Fortress and palace at the previous post of mine.
 Refer it please at here>>http://goo.gl/r7OQGz...........   http://goo.gl/EMocei
Tip You shouldn’t be too disappoint at not to joining this program. They open the palace at night from Jun to September. The fortress is going to light up from 8PM to 10PM during this period. 
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