The Love Point of Suwon Hwaseong Fortress, Palace and The Suwon city(수원 화성)

When I visited there on Saturday late morning around 10;30AM, it was crowded already by the many people who enjoy the weekend. I got a position under the trees in front of the Sinpungnu(신풍루, the main gate of the palace) and watched the 24 Martial Arts Trial Performance which is constituted of excellent 24 techniques of Joseon Dynasty(last dynasty of Korea established in 1392).
The commentator wearing the Hanok(Korean traditional clothes)
They used to do practice all the year round according to the commentator’s explanation. On a hot day, they did perform while wearing thick traditional military uniform as dripping with sweat. It was the time for them that was needed thunderous applause. It might be surely successful event for King Jeongjo who made this palace to see that many people are happy under the three zelkova trees planted by himself and at the just site where he distributed the rice porridge for the poor. Trees were giving the shade and mild winds of them for the visitors as if they welcomed the clouds. Many various regular or irregular performances such as Jangyongyeong Royal Guard Ceremony, King’s parade accompanying by his mother, Saturday Regular performance and Summer night music concert (July-August) are given in this front yard of the palace. What the amazing thing is plenty of performances were played by the citizens of Suwon city(수원시).
King's parade accompanying  by his mother
The mother of King Jeongjo( rolling by volunteer citizen) on the parade
The old Korean traditional clothes. Visitors are able to wear and take photos inside the palace
King's chair ; The photo zone next to above dress wear corner in the palace
The photo zone of Daejannggeum(Jewel in the palace) in the palace
This palace was often used for filming site of historical TV dramas such as DaeJangGeum(Jewel in the Palace), The Moon Embracing the Sun and so on. Also other experimental activities are prepared for the people inside the fortress.

Among the event of all, the most delightful one must be the Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival celebrating every October. What’s more surprise, many parts of these schedules have been operated by the volunteers of Sunwon citizens.

The Tongdak street(통닭거리 ; the fried chicken street)
Do you happen to hear the word ‘cheemaek'(치맥) ? It is the combination word of chicken and beer. Koreans love to drink beer with Korean style fried chicken. There was big fried chicken food street at the back side of Yeomingak (Korean belfry), after crossing the street from the Haenggung(this temporary palace) square and walked down toward the direction of Suwon Hwaseong Museum.
The Yeomingak(Korean belfry)
I put on the waiting list and await around 20 minutes because many people waited on line already. I loved the plentiful amount and low price of it. I was full by the crispy fried chicken and seasoning one on the half-half base of one chicken. I highly recommend to stop by this delicious zone. You won’t be disappointed, never. Samsung corp. Almost everyone in the world knows the mobile phone of Samsung Electronics co., Headquarter of it is in Suwon. And related some Samsung group companies are also in here. And thus, this city got remarkable growth in company with these companies since a couple of decades. I thought that the King might dream this kind of imagination of vibrant business world. His dream is still keep on going.

At the front yard of palace
Along the fortress

At the Banghwasuryujeong
There are some restrictions near the fortress since it had been designated in UNESCO World Heritage site. For example, Here is not permitted to build the gas station near the wall for fresh air. I think it is very beautiful thing that Suwon citizen make efforts and protect great relics despite of inconvenience.I can’t help loving this city like them,too. I had been the program of ‘Walking in the moonlight at Suwon Hwaseong Haenggung’. It will be another romantic experience at night to me to the past. I look forward it very much. I’ll post about it soon.
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Tip ; You need three hours at least to take a walk around just the fortress. It means the more times should be taken to see the palace also. Don’t hurry. Take your time slowly in here, please!!!. And prepare some drinks, wear comfortable shoes and something to shield the strong sunshine in case of hot day. Check the performance schedules carefully through their web site because they have various regular/irregular program for visitors.
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