BoMunSa Temple (보문사) where you must to go with your lover

As I look back on my first memory about Bomunsa temple(보문사), the most impressive one was the marvelous Buddhist Goddess of mercy engraved on the rock at the high top in this mountain. As I heard, this is the one of three seaside sacred places for Goddess of mercy where believers in Buddhism must to go in their life in Korea. However just in case of tourist like me, I was only in awe the big size statue and the enchanting sunset view to the West sea from this point. Interestingly, there is a romantic groundless theory that if lovers pray for their love in here,it will be come true.
500 Buddha's follower
This historic temple in Seokmodo island (석모도), accessible from Ganghwado only by the ferry takes 10 minutes, located the west side of Seoul, was established almost 1400 years ago by the West sea in the era of Queen Seondeock of ancient Silla dynasty (AD 635). Through the Iljumun gate(one pillar gate) next to ticketing office, the steep ascent led up to the  500 Buddha’s disciples (followers of Buddha, 오백나한), sitting around the  33 Goddess of mercy tower(Sarira pagoda) which preserving relics of the Buddha. Each disciples  shows 500 different unique characteristic figures in their face and gesture like impish-looking children interestingly. They even gave me some familiarity with their unpretentious appearance. Back of these followers, there was a big lying Buddha in the small hermitage.

Through the three arched gate, there was famous natural stone grotto where 23 statues of small Buddha stand in the wall side-grooved. How amazing it was that it was built in AD 649, in the ancient Silla dynasty (almost 1400 years ago ) ! Fishermen took out of the net in the sea these 23 stones resembled after people in old time.When they moved these stones, they could not walk forward a single step when they reached just in front of this cave. So they made a chamber in this cave for these stone statues and  let stood them since then.
The three arched gate(Hongyemun;홍예문)

23 stone statues in the grotto

This big granite millstone used for preparing meals over 300 priests and monks shows
the flourishing for the past time of this temple.It is also registered in cultural monument of local area.
Buddhist drum and wooden fish shaped drum 
Beopkko (Buddhist drum ; 법고) and Mogeo(a wooden drum in the shape of fish) showed  me as if  it brought  the spiritual cries of the ascetic in torment to me. There was a corner where people buy the roof tile and put their wishes on it. This a general kind of donation in the temple.  People pay for it by 10,000 Korean Won(about 10 US dollars), then write their names,address,wishes such as wealth,health,love,employment,success in examination,promotion and so on. These tiles will be used for the replacement of temple roof being needed. Many people willingly used to pay and write their wishes regardless of their religion.  
Roof tiles are piled high one over another in the front court yard.
Dragon platform

wish bottles
On my way I saw the dragon platform hanging wish bottles which the colorful paper is inside. It use to going to be hung during 100 days, sheets shall be pull out from the bottle and burn by the monk. 
The Goddess of Mercy

The statue was engraved in 1928(almost 100 years ago, under the of Japanese colonial era) on the NunSeop-Bawi (eyebrow rock;눈썹바위),as you see, protected by the attached rock as like a shape of roof safeguarding this statue and gets the height of 920 centimeters.This statue has gained publicity that he makes come true people’s wish just for one time at least. With this reason, here is always crowded by the people on weekend or special Buddhist ceremonial days such as Buddha’s birthday. On the day, as ever, people prayed for something in front of this god. It is hardly easy to visit this temple because it is located some far away from my city and the road is heavy traffic jam on weekend in all time. And thus, I always used to feel something left behind when I get back.

On my way to home, we got aboard on the ferry to the Ganghwado(강화도) and then drove to my city. Some controvercy which there is need to build the bridge between the Seokmodo island and Ganghwado island is undergoing. If it comes true, the pleasant on boarding on the ferry will be disappeared someday. It was a long journey.
ferry between the Seokmodo island and  Ganghwado
People usually use to board with their car. 
seagulls chasing the shrimp flavored snack 
 How to get there ;
Seoul Subway Line2 ShinChon st. Exit 4 ->ShinChon bus terminal No.3000(2Hrs)
Take off GangHwa bus terminal ->opposite site,No#31,#37 (20Min.) to OePo-ri
-->walk to take a ferry to SeokPo-ri dock(7 Min.)->take bus to temple

 ************Please check bus time table for your rerurn .                 
                  Bus is the only resource for public transportation.
                  NO Taxi service

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