Namhansanseong fortress

 Brisk fall days don’t allow to let me stay inside home with its’ bracing air touching me. There are many charms easily reachable in an hour by public transportation or car from Seoul, fortunately. Namhansanseong fortress(남한산성. Lit. fortress located in the south area over Hangang river) is the one of them. Here has been loved calm rest region as well as soft trekking course being contained historical traces and beautiful nature all the year before it was designated as UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014.
This is the very kind of fortress blessed with natural barriers for defense as topographical advantage. This is in a mountainous site above the sea level of 400m to 480m, flat lands to easily observe around and water-rich region. Here is guessed that was built in 7th (1400 years ago) first but wall condition being as it is was large-scale equipped in 17th (400 years ago) by Buddhist monk during the Joseon Dynasty and it was rebuilt in the part of the material elements of the property several times. We did feel the height and a little thrill by taking the bus went on narrow winding road lasting to 20 minutes up to entrance of fortress from the subway station. Also stone wall shown different types and colors seemed to say the history of its’ own.

There are five courses to walk along the fortress. We chose the course 1 because it is relatively easy, contains many historical meaning spots and beautiful views in many angles. It started from the Rotary, last bus stop, passed by traditional Korean food restaurants and cafes and finally reached the information board next to North gate.
The starting point of course 1 , North Gate
 Please go to the right stairs along the wall when you meet this point that's why you won't miss the Secret door 5th leading you into gorgeous Yeonjubong Ongseong(연주봉옹성).
The Secret door 5th

The Yeonjubong Ongseong(연주봉 옹성)

The West-gate(서문) where King INJO and crown prince passed The throuh this gate when they were forced to give in to the invader Hong Taiji, who went on to become the first emperor of Qing Dynasty (China), in AC1637, 380 years ago.
King Injo of Chosun dynasty  widely had  renovated   including command posts, office buildings,ware houses,and a temporary palace inside during two years.When the Qing  empire  Hong Taiji of Manchu invaded Korea (Chosun dynasty)  in December 1636( almost 400 years ago).  King Injo took a refuge to this fortress in a hurry. After 47 days, He came out through this gate and forced to surrender finally despite of his great preparation uselessly.  Do these wild flowers know the old sad histories?

The view of Seoul from this fortress

The Sueojangdae수어장대 which was the command post

The Secret Door, one of the 16 doors in this fortress, was used for entrance to carry foods and weapons and to came into inside for reinforcement and scouts. The buttressed wall made from soil inside this door was pull down and closed at emergency time.

The Zelkova 350years old outside of South gate
How to get there?
Take the Seoul Subway Line 8. Take off at Sanseong(산성)st.
Walk out 2nd exit,toward into Bus stop.
Take Bus No 52  or Bus No 9( to the final destination bus-stop)

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