The Petite France where Le Petit Prince lives in South Korea(쁘띠프랑스)

“Everyone was a child in the first time in one’s life. (However there were few adults who have not forgotten this fact.)” …from Le Petit Prince
There is a small French cultural village where is the special space for whom the persons live with dream in one’s heart. The little Prince does live in very this beautiful place up to his name.
According to Hong-sup Han, founder, he composed here to give the childlike innocence and warm happiness to the people in July 2008. You are able to get in touch with various cultural experiences of Europe including France in this only one Theme Park in Korea. This is a small scale of theme park based on French cultures and Le Petit Prince, located in Gosung-ri Gapyeong-gun(가평)Gyeonggido province, just from 25 minutes away from the Nami Island(남이섬). There are so many experiential elements and exhibitions for the tourists that people can enjoy and be addicted to something different French culture. 
French Traditional House Gallery
They did spare no pains to build this upper French Traditional House Gallery.Huge amounts of material older than 200 years such as old woods, roof tiles and bricks were imported and reassembled it the same shape as like the house of the old farmhouse (19 century) in the middle region of France, featuring that is no nailing trace of between pillars and beams. And also they filled inside by various kinds of antique french household items such as bed, sofa, chairs, living goods,decorations and so on.
At the Saint Exupery Memorial Hall

There is Saint Exupery Memorial Hall where memorizes the the writer of Le Petit Prince. Here is classified four sections according to their roles-exhibition, rest, experience and accommodation. For a while I became a friend of little prince.

The things must do in this place is hooked on the various performances, certainly. I would like to recommend strongly enjoy the French Art Performances filled with the air of Europe such as Magic Mime performance, Guignol French Puppet show, Marionette play, Music concert, Orgel performance and so on. These things bring you back to the time of naive childhood filled with pure dreams.
Marionette Theatre
in the Marionette Theatre

Demonstration at the Orgel House

It was another delight to see the lovely characters of Le Petit Prince. While was looking them this way and that, I had the feeling to thumb through the pages of that book. So cute and precious ! I was able to contact easily to the familiar characters of the Le Petit Prince in stairs, corners, front of halls and so on.
Le Petit Prince

Here is famous for filming site of popular dramas such as Secret Garden, My Love from the Star and Beethoven Virus. At the filming location of Beethoven Virus, Korean popular drama, I took a rest for a while at Maestro Kang’s café on the 2nd floor after seeing the remained film sets. Recently more tourists, especially to the romantic fresh young lovers, have flocked into here to feel the atmosphere of filming for “My love from the star”(별에서 그대), the famous Korean drama in last year (2014), and take photos.
Filming Location of Beethoven Virus

At the French culture experience room
Photo zone of 'My love from the star'
I was sorry to hear that some people said that this is so small that it takes just one hour is enough to see all of here and this is over estimated to the person. That’s right. This was very small village. However if you think what all you do in here is only taking photos, it is not true. In case of me, I had been lack of time due to enjoy the diverse cultural performances.  The most attractive point of this area is to experience the cultures of the Europe including France by breathing the air of them.

From the novel of Le Petit Prince, “What makes the dessert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well. The beautiful place can’t be seen to the eyes although in the houses, stars and desert.” Now this is your turn to seek it, isn't it? And now what would you like to?

Petite Cloche, The wish bell
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