The museum in nature, National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Gwacheon (국립현대미술관 과천관)

Art museum beside the Zoo???
Absolutely, it is unusual combination that doesn't fit at all in general cases. To be interest, the both are situated to each other next to in a short distance from Seoul. The zoo and botanical garden moved to the current location from Seoul, in 1980s, and became unusual neighbor by building the museum on next to. It is operated by the Ministry of Culture, sports & Tourism. 
This museum, despite of some distance from Seoul, in quality has undertaken main role for last over 30 years in many sides of cultural primary duties to collect, preserve, study, exhibit. They offer free admission in case of permanent exhibition among the eight galleries all round year except Monday off. There were some controversial at first during construction because the location shall hinder its accessibility. However, the problem could be solved clearly by the opening of the Seoul subway line 4 one year before the opening of museum in 1985. It is true that this museum boasts international-sized facilities and the important role as cultural platform especially on the modern & contemporary architecture, design and crafts field.The beacon shape of center part and the fortress shape of both side part of this building were originated from the traditional Korean architecture.

The More, The Better
The prominent artwork must to see in here is the video tower artwork ‘The More, The Better’ which is by Namjune Paik who was world-famous video artist. Of course, you are able to get a chance to appreciate it free of charge. He was Korean American video artist and made it by using the 1003 television instead of canvas. He created this masterpiece to celebrate the coming 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics in 1986. The quantity 1003 means the 03 Oct, the National foundation day of Korea and it reach as high as the three floors. As it stood on 28 years, over 300 televisions didn’t work well. Although there were several times repair, the condition has not improved much since whenever I saw. To be fortunate! They had it total rebirth in celebration of the 70th anniversary of Korea’s liberation (15 Aug 2015) through perfect and clean repair process. There were controversial whether to keep on going to the old original ones or replace them with new electric components inside when it was recovered. After long discussion, It was exactly reproduced the original form and elements. The repairing cost in some cases was higher than to buy a new one as I heard. It took so long time for the public to gain the original magnificent art. The unique spiral-formed ramp core had such a wonderful structure matching with this artwork that I could appreciate this masterpiece in every angle by walking this slope way.
 It is also true that one of the favorite charming points of this art museum might be the huge outdoor sculpture park on the green boasting superb natural landscape. Thanks to diverse artworks, It is just a kind of picnic event for me to visit this museum. Museum in the forest, this is the exact wording for here, maybe. Don't wait.

TIP: Zoo next to, as you can see in the image, is very lovely place to visit also. It is the one of top 10 Zoo in the world. It is recommendable for you to drop by on the same day as one day course.

How to get there :
Take off at the Seoul Grand Park station (Seoul subway line 4, exit)
>>walk backward in three minutes to take the shuttle bus
.  (every 20 minutes run, free ride, Monday off)

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