Eulalia(silver grasses) festival of Mindung mountain(민둥산 억새축제) in Jeongseon/Gwangwon province

It’s getting cold, fall has deepen.
Today is the day that I am planing to go the MinDung mountain for silver grasses festival. Festival is held at 19 Sep-26 Oct in this year, in general they hold it in mid October every year.

I was told that the peak time is in mid of October. I woke up so early because it would be take 3 hrs 30 minutes to MinDung mt. area from Seoul by transportation. The tracking course would be taken 4 hrs at least as I heard. At this time I used the tour bus because I didn't want to drive the long distance on a same day for return. The bus arrived at around 10 AM, thanks to such a early starting from Seoul, the bus run at high speed without any traffic jam. Looked back the conditions, early arrival was the best choice to went up and down this mountain. 

Look at the so many early birds at the beginning point
Choose the straight soft course(2.8 kilo meters), please, for your better time
Even in soft course
There were gentle slope(완경사) and steep one(급경사). I chose gentle slope.But I recognized so quickly that it was not so gentle at all.    A slope of over 15 degrees almost went on the last peak point made me hard, so I was exhausted completely. However it was also true that the mountain gave me the plenty of picturesque scenery. Yes, it was really absolutely worth it. The trees were burning with crazy red, brilliant yellow, brown and other colors.   

Ah!!!!  Silver grasses !!!  Finally, I did it.

This is very famous place of Silver Grass Habitat in Korea. That region is very deep and remote country village. Despite of  not  easy approach, people do not hesitate to hike this peak in each fall. Vast amount of Silver grasses was spread over widely from top to the seventh of a ridge. This particular zone of the top was made by that people who lived at near village and burned this area to get wild edible greens so many years ago.
I was so hard to get the summit. But as times go by,many views were deeply printed in my mind already.
How to get there;
1.    Take train from Cheongnyangni station(Seoul) to Mindungsan station
          (Mugunghwa Line starting
)-several times a day
2.    Take train from Seoul station to Mindungsan station
         (Saemaul Line)-once a day
3. Take an intercity bus heading to Jeongseon bus stop from
     DongSeoul bus terminal(East Seoul bus terminal) and
     Take a taxi to Mindungsan
     ---not recommendable, rare bus schedules to Mindungsan point
     ---in case of using taxi,it takes 35 minutes at least(25 KMs),expensive cost
You can make a reservation for train at their official web site.

Need to prepare some foods for lunch and drinking water.

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