The Great Gyeonggi Airshow by the Korean Air Force 2014

The World Best level of Airshow !!
Gyeonggi province & the Korean Air Force have co-hosted the Airshow since 2009 annually, in spring or autumn according to their condition. Over half million peoples visited and they are getting more and more as goes by the year as I heard. I could not wait their great performance because I had never experienced like this sort of show. So I’ve been waiting to see this Airshow with my heart flutter. And what’s more,I could get 30% discount through internet. The visit of air force base was another fresh experience to me also.
On the way to airbase
At the first time I was in a daze by the loud crash of thunder, but soon accustomed myself to sound. The around thirty minutes passed so quickly.The fantastic airshow did not disappoint at all. It was really great.  They are Fantastic show of light aircraft from US and Hungary by Zoltan Veres(Hungarian, High president of acrobat flight of world best class) and by Hubie Tolson(American, A member of US national acrobat flight team). The highlight of this show was the amazing performance by the Black Eagle(Korean air force team).

The fantastic air show of light aircraft
Below were  Black-Eagles full time airshow. They have the record of 1st ranking at English Waddington Int'l airshow and Grand prize at light Int'l airshow. 

They prepared several experimental centers and many sorts of aircraft such as warplane, airplane drawing experience corner for children, air force helicopter rescue demo, diverse performances etc.,Many other performances made me exciting also. Be proud of being a Korean ! 
Taekwondo performance 
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