CSAT (College Scholastic Ability Test) of Korea

The test to evaluate the scholastic ability at the college, we call it Suneung (수능).
Photo ; Chosun-ilbo

It is amazing that the weather is always chill on this day precisely and suddenly. 
Photo ; mall of sweet 거위박스

Peoples by applicants’ side give them some presents for cheering. This is the “chocolate of Seoul-national university(서울대학교; the best university in Korea)” which has an initial and logo of this university, sell in their university store at first and is regarded as a good-luck charm and is selling like hot cakes.
Photo ; daegu-ilbo

Mother and grandmother are praying the excellent achievement for applicant at the front Buddha.   It is held 2nd Thursday in November every year by the KICE (Korea Institute of Curriculum & Evaluation) for the applicants who is the graduate-to-be, graduates and have at least a high school diploma or the equivalent. They are 60,000 over, which of 20% is repeater. There are the persons who failed the CSAT three times often. Sometimes over 70-years-old person has becomes in the news.
Old grandma applicant (Photo by The Korea Herald)

The high college entrance rate is up to 80%.The result are classified into the 9-grade by the way of Stanine which classify and assign them according to the regular distribution type. This is the standardized test accepted by South Korea universities officially. So this is very important test to a person who wants to go college or university future. Students have put their all efforts so much time and got feeling amount of pressure too.
For the late applicant and police(Photo by Korea JoongAng Daily)

On a that day, there are big bustling across the country that the applicants are assisted everything for their test taking like as follows; middle school & high school are closed, the office-going hour is delayed, government employees & elementary school students attend lately rather than as usual, stocks market is delayed one hour, more frequency of bus and subway, escort by policeman for the late attendees and banning of take-off and landing of airplane.Korea doesn’t have many natural resources. Therefore man-power is important one to develop this country. People think that good educational background, especially   focusing to intellectual equipment side rather than one’s own unique abilities gives them the chance to make or break one’s future. As far as this kind of conception continues, makes young student hard, it is unavoidable dark side of this test.
Good luck for the challengers !!!!!

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