Samcheongdong-gil & Samcheong park(삼청동길 & 삼청공원) in Seoul

Do you have an image that The Seoul city is just only filled with full of modern complex capital flavor of Korea? I dare tell you confidently that is wrong in many ways if you have like that. Don't hesitate to stop over this unique and beautiful new cultural combination in the side of between old and new place in the bustling downtown in Seoul city. What's more,it is located in the just next to the famous Gyeongbokgung palace( 경북궁,the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty) and Korea traditional Bukchon Hanok Village. So if you are planning to visit this great palace or village, don't miss this attractive spot also.
This area has been very calm,comfortable residential area which consisted of the middle class people since long times ago. And along with the road some vintage, tiny, cozy shops show their own flavor over the years. So many young lovers has been leaded steadily into this road as an attraction must to visit together. This road has been loved as the representative symbol of romantic walking street. From few decades ago, there were new aggressive attempt to put on modern culture color into the old and faded houses and alleys. With those efforts now here became another hot place leading trend with various beauty brand shops, fashion brand shops, new living specimen shops, cafes and dessert shops.So you can see the unique signs which make your sense light on with a variety of way.With various art galleries and museums which be seen easily here boasts not only just shopping area but also smart art place.
Book cafe
Open stage, they are performing 'Waiting for GoDot'
Chocolate shop
The Mole Market which is vintage and reform store
Cafe wears new clothes on the traditional house
This is not the everything of this lovely place.  At the end of this road you are able to reach the tiny and cozy park like another bonus one to you. It is Samcheong park.

Samcheong park(삼청공원)
The name of "Samcheong" is originated from the side of  Taoism thought. It means three Taoist hermits with miraculous power. In the past Joseon dynasty there was a shrine in here to worship three gods. So people called here by this name. According to another opinion this is the place where is clean in water, mountain and people (literally; three blue).
The cozy library within the park
The Poet and The Poem on the stone
This is the first officially designated urban park in Korea (1940).Many people are crowded every year in April to see the splendid cherry blossoms. This is a park where people can see easily beautiful foliage in the midst Seoul and loved also in fall. And various amenities are equipped here and there like as badminton court, tennis court, children playground and library also.
As there are many unique shops on the streets of Samcheong-dong, there are some people who turn away their feet at the entrance of this beautiful park locates at the end of this street. But in a way that's missing the hidden gem. I am convinced that this park will give you another pleasure. Don't you agree that trips sometimes must need quiet time?
Don’t miss this park. 
near the alley of Deoksung girls' high school(덕성여고)
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