The Jaman Mural Village next Hanok village in Jeonju city(전주), South Korea(자만 벽화 마을)

There was an old alley to find out now a days got a beautiful change. What's more, good point was the paintings on the wall were excellent level work of art. There was the area filled with beautiful murals having various themes. It gave me the plenty of pleasure with vibrant color as well as creative high quality when I was strolling alley.

 It was in just across the Omokgyo Pedestrian Overpass, where was the top spot of a hill in Jeonju Hanok Village(전주한옥마을). So I could see also that village at some point.  That was a small village being consist of only about 40 houses, it was true that it was in the out of consideration for a long times till the city began to pay attention to this run-down place. Now a days, with the increasing number of visitors flocking to see the murals inhabitants it became famous attraction place.  However there was some difficulties to keep their privacy sometimes, they said. Be quite, please. 

It was good surprise for me to see unhackneyed and unconventional artworks and find the traces of their life and time passed on. I left there hoping this village could go on further with their own personality.
UMONAIMO(우모내모), free zone on the roof top,please step in side entrance
Kung Fu Panda is selling noodle.

Omokgyo Pedestrian Overpass
now, get back to the Omokdae in Hanok Village in Jeonju city(전주시)

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