If I go to Jeonju city, where do I have to visit? >>Hanok village, Jaman mural village, Maisan temple

Jeollabukdo province(전라북도) is located in south west of South Korea, is far from within 3hours from Seoul by car. Jeonju city(전주) is the capital city of this province, has been an important regional center in province for centuries, located in the fertile Honam plains and thus cherished beautiful charm in many way.

 Hanok Village(한옥마을) is located in the heart of Jeonju city, housing area over 700 traditional style houses and buildings. You are going to see the rich tradition, cultural heritages and enjoy plenty of notable traditional foods such as Bibimbap, Kongnamul gukbap, Jeonju Hanjeongsik and crude liquer ( moju in Korean).
The Jaman Mural Village(자만벽화마을) is located just next to this Hanok Village. After seeing the traditional village, you can reach there just across the Omokgyo pedestrian overpass(오목교 구름다리) on foot. You can enjoy the sense of color fully by the wall paintings with beautiful and well-made artworks. One day is enough to visit these two villages. They are so close together.  And then you are able to stay at the Korean Hanok guest houses within Hanok Village. Don’t miss the calm night views after many tourists gone away.

The Maisan mountain provincial park(마이산도립공원) is located just one hour away from Jeonju city. You are going to get spectacular scenes in there, specially forTapsa( stone pagodas) temple. Why don’t you put down all of your dusts in your mind in unique temple, do you ?

1.Jeonju Hanok Village…click here !!!

2.Jaman Mural Village….click here !!!

3.Maisan Mountain Provincial Park..  click here !!!
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