‘The way of Enjoying the winter’ in Korea for the children-‘Ice Sledding’

Bitterly cold winter has come. But in the case of children they enjoy even the winter
  as their own way.
Wow!!!  They love sledging at the middle of the winter. This was a typical play in the winter in Korea in the past. Recently although there are many another kinds of playing, it is still loved one also. This is a wooden sled with thin metal runners or thick wires on the bottom.
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Sometimes there was a sledge having one runner which is more speedy and easier to change of direction than two runners. You can be seriously injured so often because if you are not well-up in it, you will lose your balance. So in the case of kids, in general they used to play with two runner sledge. And one more thing that they never miss this pleasure. That's right. It is some foods to eat for yummy yummy. In general there are always food corner by the ice sledding link .
Tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cake)
Eomuk ( fish cake skewers)
Cup Ramen(instant noodle)
 They used to love eating the favorite street foods also next to ice link. Whatever it is, I feel that their parents look like more love it than children while looking back their childhood days.
Love the winter.     
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