The reason why must go to the Jeju Island? Udo Island is right in there!

Udo is a small island on the eastern side of Jeju Island, the largest island in Korea.
What’s the charms of Udo island where about 2 million of the 15 million visitors (12 million Koreans and 3 million foreigners) who visited Jeju Island during last year stopped by this small island. What makes so many tourists go from the main island to another small island?  
  The ship left from Seongsan port reached at the Haumokdong port after about 20 minutes as while struggled with the matted hair due to the strong wind. I heard that the name of Udo Is. was named because it resembles the laying cow but It didn’t look like to be like that in my eye. I paid 5000 won for shuttle sightseeing bus, got on the bus and realized that I surely had come to the place of my wish. In the fun explanation of local driver living in Udo, the bus was filled with laugh soon from top to bottom. Are you ready to catch basketful happiness?
I got off the first attractions drop at the Geommeolle (Black sands) beach named after the sand is black. It was truly a 'Skill of God' that I went down to the shore and boarded the boat. My travel instinct! To be frank, I hesitated whether to take a boat or not because I couldn’t swim and I became a little nervous. Give my thanks to life jacket which gave me the courage. The geological characteristics of the volcanic island and the beauty of nature had blown away all the fears at once. Strongly recommended! 20 minutes boarding time, 10000 won in Korean cash.
The fault cliff like stacked books(Huhae seokbyeok), the best of top 8 views of Udo island & Udo peak and lighthouses where you can see all of Udo at a glance. This was taken on a boat. 

When the sea water suddenly spew from between rocks, a rainbow appears miraculously
The Dongan gyeonggul cave where big whales once lived.The cave is at the end of this black sands beach and you can enter at low tide. Don't worry. Usually the daytime is at low tide.

Udo is a small island that produces mainly garlic and peanuts because it’s impossible to cultivate rice, is much less developed and much pure than Jeju Island. The residents started to cultivate peanuts from 30 years ago, judging that the soil, intense sunlight and sea breeze of Udo would be suitable for peanut farming. The original seeds were long and large, but when they harvested it, it was as small as it is now. They started to cultivate and manage as a special product considering the rareness. Current residents are thoroughly controlling the seeds, and the Jeju Agricultural Technology Center is giving a lot of support. Ice cream topped with Udo peanuts being produced only in Udo island. It is sold on many different names in the island, but in fact there is no big difference in taste. This peanut is much smaller, harder, savory and rounded than regular. 

Udongbong peak and Lighthouse located at the highest level in Udo. It takes about an hour for round hiking from shopping area of Geommeolle(Black beach) to the peak and those who have a busy schedule or weak physical strength can pass it. Please go up after sightseeing boat because there is physical exhaustion. It is the point where you can see all of Udo, 7 out of 10.
The Biyangdo Island
Biyangdo Is. camping area, one of the most famous places in Jeju Island, where the yellow lighthouse was impressive. A true nomad with a puppy was in a tent when I visited in this spot. Even though it was a cold day! The starry night! Just by even thinking it was so romantic.
The Seobinbaeksa(서빈백사해안) beach with lots of photographers. I couldn’t take my eyes off the stunning crystal emerald water. It became much more famous as a Korean advertising spot of Pocari Sweat. I heard the white sandy beach has been created by the accumulation of popcorn-like red algal nodules instead of sand and it was so impressive to me.

Restaurant Mosillaegi (모실래기) where I came in without thinking and met the essence of fresh seafood and is located in the beside of sandy beach. The food here is just amazing. In addition, the prices are reasonable and the wall was full of reviews by those who had visited before. Including the signature of the very famous chef!
I missed the shuttle sightseeing bus in front of my eyes. I had to walk about 15 minutes from the coast to the harbor. Then I knew. The very right best thing of traveling is to walk! On trips, let’s put our haste down for a while. This moment would not come again.

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