How much do you know about Cheonggyecheon stream(청계천)? you can see it as much as you know!

Seoul is a quite complex and bustling city even for Koreans. Nevertheless, this city, the capital of the Joseon Dynasty for over the past 600 years, must be giant treasure box of oriental culture inside Korea. It is our great pleasure to have such a wonderful culture near our everyday life. 
Cheonggyecheon(청계천) is well known as a representative attraction to Koreans and foreigners must visit. Even if it is so, if you don't know about its' value in the historical meaning, you may be considered this just as a natural oasis in the urban that simply let you feel nature in the city, but not more than that. When seeing for a brief description of this stream, In the north of this stream it was formed with main palaces, major governmental organs and residential area for the upscale, and in the south of it the common people lived mainly. There were several bridges and markets formed along this stream, but it could be mention that it was a kind of boundary zone between the rich and ordinary people. This stream, which has a total length of 10 km from east to west in Seoul, was covered with concrete, created road, overpasses installed here from the 1950s and concentrated many shops dealing with a wide range of items. 
The new business hub street beside stream

 This zone was typical congested area like parking lot till night as well as very complicated area last 50 years. It's been only a little over a decade since it has been restored to its present state after many controversies and backed again to the bosom of citizen. Thanks to this, people have a green resting oasis, the old buildings on both sides of the stream are cleaned up, and the value of real estate has increased by the creation of a new business hub mainly dealing with international finance and cutting-edge information. 
Make a wish in here so called ‘Trevi Fountain’ in the style of Korea.
The first bridge that meets from the square was a market sold mostly fresh fruits and produces from farming in old days. Wishing Well in front a little bit of this small bridge commonly known as the nickname "Trevi Fountain in Korea" will take you back to Seoul again in the future. Add your warm heart by throwing the coin, it was written besides, all proceeds will be given to the poor youth, please. In the old days when there was no public place to deserve, this place was an important living cultural space. It was not a mean merely of passage over a stream, but a part of daily life to rest, to meet, and to gather up.
The Gwangtong Bridge

Among them, Gwangtong Bridge(광통교) is the most beautiful and beloved one by the people, various events were held in here during the traditional premier holiday in old days, and it is still a popular place as a romantic meeting backdrop for loving youth in historical drama. If you look carefully at the stone pillars and the beautiful oriental relief stone walls on both sides, you can find the part lying upside down. The stone walls here were originally part of the tomb of second queen of the first king who founded the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1897). The beautifully carved stone plates moved here to build the walls and let it to be intentionally placed upside down in the process of building bridge to give that queen insult by the third king, Taejong who is a son of the first wife of the first king. The second queen tried to raise her son to the throne. With this reason, the two didn't get along well, eventually her son died by him and he became the third king. Anyway, whatever his initial intention was, what If he sees present what it has become the most beloved bridge, I wonder, what he'd like to say.... If you find the part of upside down, I'll respect you as a person of good sense. 
The horse carrying King Jeongjo. In accordance with conventions, the King is not actually depicted in the painting but has been left blank.

And another attractive spot you can come across when you walk along the stream is the replica of the king Jeongjo's parade on over 5,000 tiles. King Jeongjo, who made various attempts to reform and improve the nation and one of the most successful and visionary rulers of the Joseon Dynasty in the culture and economy, let public artists drew pictures about the great eight-day parade to visit his father's tomb to honor him with his mother at 60-year-old mother's birthday. The social atmosphere at that time could be seen well even in paintings in which the expressions of humorous facial look and leisurely procession are well portrayed. Speaking briefly about his tragic royal family history, his father in the position of the crown prince until he died was a victim of political strife and was fit to die of starvation in the rice chest by his father. It furnishes a good theme for many historical dramas and movies till now. 
Exhibition zone 

The Cheonggyecheon stream is a place that has been loved by all citizens for the past, now and will be in future. It is a cultural space that can enjoy many Busking and various performances on weekends especially. When I visited on weekend, the soap bubble show lasted about 30 minutes, but the time passed so quickly with funny jokes and great shows. His popularity was especially great for children. A cup of coffee in the cafe next to the stream was another pleasure for me. Take a moment to spare. Please go back at the appropriate point and give your legs time to rest because it’s a long path to walk to the last. 
This lady who was playing instrument and singing clearly showed me 'what is the amateur'. She made me laugh by some of mistakes. It doesn't matter how great her playing skills is. The most important thing might be how each one lives happily. By the way, does anybody know the name of instrument she’s playing?

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